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Why Are You Selling Your Home? Maybe you want to sell your home in a quest for a better or newer neighborhood.? Or closer to family or work.? Maybe it's a certain school you want your children to attend.? Perhaps you're relocating out of state. Maybe you want a more rural setting or want to be closer to the city.? You may need more bedrooms or more space in general.? Or less for that matter.?

Whatever the reasons, we'll help you understand the implications of selling and the impact that it has on you - in ways you might not have anticipated. We can help you reach the real estate, financial, and lifestyle goals you're seeking!

When Do You Want to Sell It? If it's important that you sell quickly, a high-energy, top-producing Greater Phoenix real estate agent can help you expedite the process. With the many marketing tools we use, we can help attract buyers and agents and move you on toward closing faster, so that you can move on.

Or, perhaps there is no urgency at all and you have the flexibility of deciding when to sell your home. We can help you understand the impact of current market conditions, and help you make an informed decision on just when the most favorable time would be to place your home on the market.

Just What Are the Current Market Conditions? The current real estate market will affect not only how much your home sells for, but also how quickly it sells. For example, in a Sellers' market, there are fewer homes for sale, prices could be climbing, and multiple bids may be being placed on desirable homes. In a Sellers' market, Greater Phoenix real estate agents who can help you cut through it all and negotiate between the multiple parties, finessing the terms and conditions that are best for you are valuable and a great resource to have on your side.

In a Buyers market, more homes are for sale than there are buyers, so buyers have position and more negotiating power. In a Buyers' market, having a Greater Phoenix real estate agent with excellent negotiating skills is not only instrumental in producing a successful sale but ensuring the best possible price.

In any kind of market, an experienced Greater Phoenix real estate agent will help you price your home correctly, maximize your exposure, and bring you the best market price, terms, and conditions available.

Managing Your Finances: Whether trading up or trading down, your monthly expenses will change. We can help you estimate the impact of these changes and how they'll affect you so that you can be assured that you're making all the right decisions. We can also help you estimate the potential proceeds from the sale of your home by defining the expenses associated with selling it.

Optimizing Your Tax Situation: Tax savings and estate planning strategies should be addressed with your accountant or attorney prior to engaging in your enterprise, and certainly before completing the transaction. Depending on your circumstances and level of interest in real estate, you might even consider becoming a real estate investor.

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