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Presenting your home at its best can put thousands of dollars into your pocket!

Curb Appeal Makes For a Good First Impression: This is the first impression a potential buyer has of your home, so you can imagine its importance. Curb appeal is a valuable marketing tool that attracts buyers, like window dressing. The yard should be neatly manicured and well-maintained: a quick clean-up by a landscaping crew can be of minimal cost and yet highly effective, usually paying for itself. A few fresh flowers near the entrance add color and says "welcome home". A couple minor repairs if necessary, touch-up some blemishes where needed, and you've got curb appeal that sells.

Structural and Cosmetic Repairs: A fresh coat of paint and other inexpensive cosmetic makeovers will do wonders and take years off your home's appearance. Neutral color on the walls has the broadest appeal, softening a room while making it seem larger. Completing subtle yet significant repairs is bound to generate the best return; in many cases you'll be asked to do them anyway during the inspection period. In some cases, selling your home "As Is" can be the best approach and we can help you make that decision. We suggest that you consult with your Greater Phoenix real estate agent before spending any money - we will help you decide the best way to allocate your budget.

Keeping it Clean and Bright: You have to see your home as a buyer would and ask yourself "would I want to live here?" Keeping your home clean and tidy, light and airy is important. In some cases, we recommend removing some of your personal items; you want the buyer to visualize the house as their own, imagining their own belongings scattered around. It's a good idea to stow away any clutter you might have lying around. If you haven't cleaned the carpets in the last few months, we recommend a professional carpet cleaning; it goes a long way. Keeping the lights on, even during the day, brightens your home, making it appear even more spacious and inviting.

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All the World's a Stage: We may recommend some staging techniques so that the house has even more appeal when the buyers come marching through. Simple things like putting fresh flowers out or baking cookies just before an open house; also, soft music playing in the background can set just the right mood. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as professional stagers who are called upon to rearrange your furniture, or even refurnish your house with their own - not a bad idea for vacant homes - but in most instances you can just do it yourself. We can help!

Showing Off Your Home: It's probably a good idea that you are not present during showings. Buyers are more comfortable discussing the house alone with their agent. They are likely to be more relaxed and at ease in your home if you're not there; in fact, they can sometimes feel as though they're intruding when you are. Your Greater Phoenix real estate agent is experienced in dealing with buyers and their agents and has a duty to represent your best interests; so let them do your bidding.

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