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Selecting a Greater Phoenix Real Estate Agent is a Big Decision: It is certainly possible to sell your home without an agent. But, as your home is probably one of the biggest financial holdings in your portfolio, you may find it in your best interest to consider hiring a professional. The transaction of selling your home is multi-faceted and requires making many important financial decisions, understanding complex issues, meeting deadlines, and handling lots of paperwork. The quality representation that you'll receive from a good Phoenix real estate listing agent is well worth the cost. . It's reassuring, and smart, to have a professional who can help you through it all

Pricing Your Home Accurately: What is your home really worth? Pricing your home accurately is a very important decision because it can have a great affect on its marketability - and your pocketbook. Most people tend to overestimate the value of their home and that's understandable. However, overpriced homes tend to languish on the market. As experienced Greater Phoenix real estate agents, we look at hundreds of homes every year and can determine, through a comprehensive market analysis, what your home should realistically list at.

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Selecting the Right Listing Agent:

    Look for a full-time agent who will dedicate the time it will take to properly market and sell your home.
  • Find an agent who is tech-savvy; today's market moves at internet speed.
  • Does the agent have a network or "team" they can rely on? Successful agents are often the most efficient and network well with other agents.
  • A good agent is always striving to increase their capacity for serving their clients by continually self-improving and gaining knowledge of the latest real estate trends.
  • Will the agent be reliable? Someone you can count on? Will they return your phone calls promptly? Will they be there to answer your questions? You'll come to really appreciate these qualities later on.
  • Ask for references. Others in your situation will be able to tell you their experience and you can probably expect the same.
  • Ask questions. What do they recommend you do to prepare your home for sale? What will they do to effectively market your home?
  • A good agent will spend more time listening to you than talking about their self.
  • Finally, choose an agent with whom you are comfortable. You're going to spend some time together.
The Cost Factor: The real estate agents do not get paid until you have successfully sold your home and are typically paid a percentage of the home's selling price. Commissions are negotiable and the percentage of the commission will be determined by numerous factors such as the type and price of the property you're selling and the level of services the agent provides. The commission is generally split between your agent and the agent representing the buyer.

Why Choose The MarketQuest Team? We will work tirelessly on your behalf. You will receive our undivided attention. When we list a home for sale, we set in motion a comprehensive and customized campaign that gets your home noticed. We distribute creative marketing materials throughout the Greater Phoenix real estate circles, showcasing your home - and host regular open houses. Learn more about why you should consider listing your home with us by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Our Market-Ability: Your home will be featured here on our website and on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) with intelligent descriptions and flattering photos. We utilize digital photography, virtual tours, and other technology to maximize the exposure your home receives from agents and buyers alike. We can also effectively market your home through signs, fliers, postcards, newspapers, and real estate publications.

As your Greater Phoenix real estate listing agent, we will pay for all costs associated with marketing your home.

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