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Owning a home is the American dream! Whether it's your first home or you're buying a new home that better suits your needs, this decision requires careful consideration . . . and the journey should be an enjoyable one. When the time comes, let a qualified Greater Phoenix real estate agent assist you all the way through!

Why Are You Buying? You may be tired of renting.? You may have outgrown your current home and it's time to make the move up.? Maybe you need more bedrooms or just more space in general - or less for that matter.? Perhaps it's a different neighborhood or a relocation factor that drives you.? No matter the reason, having a clear vision of your goals and a good Phoenix real estate agent to help you find the home that's just right for you will make all the difference.

Can You Afford It? It is recommended that you should spend no more than 40% of your income on your home. If you're renting, you'd be amazed when you add up all that you've paid toward rent over the years. You may find that the tax advantages of owning a home actually costs you less than renting!

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Can You Afford The Down Payment? There are definitely advantages to making a down payment when buying a home but not everyone can afford it. This is one of the main reasons many people stop before even trying. But in today's market, there are many loan programs that enable you to buy with little or nothing down, so don't let this stop you. We work with many lenders who have access to some of todays more creative loan programs.

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Looking For a Way to Diversify Your Portfolio?
Historically, home ownership has been a very good investment and can also be a means of saving for retirement: every month, part of a fully-amortized mortgage is applied toward paying down principal, building equity over time, in addition to any market appreciation. And, that's always a good thing!

Looking For a Tax Break? You may be surprised to learn that you can afford to spend more money each month on a larger mortgage because the tax benefits from your mortgage can actually lower your income taxes! Of course, check with a tax expert on anything related to your income taxes!

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