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Getting Your Home to Market: You probably have already started dreaming about your next home. Having your current home in escrow or, at the very least, on the market is essential to the home buying process and will put you in a much better position on that dream home. Think of it from your own perspective as a home seller yourself: A buyer is much more attractive and seemingly less risk to you when they're free of obstacles, such as the contingency of selling their home. Well, it's the same for the seller of the home you want to buy.

It's a delicate balance on a thin line but we can help you walk it.

What Are You Looking For in Your Next Home?
It's often the case that our current homes give us some pretty clear ideas about the things we want in our next home. Our job as Greater Phoenix real estate agents is to help you prioritize those wants along with your needs, set realistic goals, and then formulate a customized program with you that allow you the best opportunity to realize them.

Where Will You Live If the Buying/Selling Timing's Off? Have you considered the possibility that you'll sell and close your current home before you close on your new one? Worried where you will live in the interim? This is a legitimate concern when you're dealing with a simultaneous sale and purchase and your Greater Phoenix real estate agent is the one to turn to.

There are lots of ways we can help you! For example, we can write a leaseback into the contract, where you continue to live in your current home while waiting on your new one to close; or work up some other post-possession addendum to help fill the breach. So, don't worry, we've got you covered!

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